OSSIE Tablet

Hypocalcemia, Calcium Deficiency, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoarthrosis, Rickets, Vitamin D Deficiency, Pregnancy, Lactation, Menopause, Old age


OSSIE Tablet is a rational combination of ayurveda drugs that help supplement and utilize calcium in several ways –

  • Mukta-shukti forms an excellent source of natural calcium that fulfills calcium needs of the body.
  • Amalaki is an excellent source of natural vitamin C.
  • Yashad (zinc) acts as an excellent anti-oxidant.




Amalaki is a source for natural vitamin C, an antioxidant (rasayana) that promotes regeneration of tissues (dhatu-vardhaka) and reinforces immunity (balya). The fruits of Emblica officinalis are widely used in ayurveda and are believed to increase defense against diseases (rasayana). It has its beneficial role in cancer, diabetes, liver diseases, heart diseases, ulcer, anemia and various other diseases. Similarly, it has application as antioxidant, immunomodulatory, antipyretic, analgesic, cytoprotective, antitussive and gastroprotective. Additionally, it is useful in memory-enhancing, ophthalmic disorders and lowering cholesterol level. It is also helpful  in neutralizing snake venom and as an antimicrobial. Amalaki is also known as Emblica officinalis.


Yashad is an antioxidant that promotes regeneration of tissues (dhatu-vardhaka) and modulates immunity (rasapinda-vikriti-nashaka). It has been seen to have a direct stimulatory effect on bone mineralization in vitro and may thus stimulate bone formation. Yashad is also known as zinc.


Abhrak is a bio availability enhancer (yogavahi) that enhances the efficacy of other ingredients, and an antioxidant (rasayana), an anti-aging (ayu-vardhaka) and an immunomodulator (bala-vardhaka). In addition, it is useful for the management of a wide variety of diseases conditions, including -bronchitis (kasa), asthma (shvasa), degenerative diseases (dhatu-kshaya), chronic infections (jirna jvara), heart diseases (hridroga), APD (amla-pitta), etc. Abhrak is also known as biotite. It is very useful for the management of a wide variety of diseases.


Mukta-shukti supplements calcium (rasayana) to promote bone formation (asthi-balya), muscle contraction & nerve conduction. In addition, it is useful in the management of chronic infections (jirna-jvara), bronchitis (kasa), asthma (shvasa), and heart disease (hridroga). Mukta-shukti is also known as mother of pearl.

Nothing significant.

Just like any other calcium product one needs to stay a bit cautious while using it in patients suffering from urinary calculi and crystalluria.

In case of calcium deficiency or increased calcium need, it always pays to advise calcium rich foods like – milk, cheese, yogurt, dark leafy greens, soybean, sardines, cereals, etc.

Additional information

Weight 90 g

On the basis of the actions of its ingredients, OSSIE Tablet is used as an adjuvant (along with other medicines) in the management of several diseases and health states, including –

(1) Calcium deficiency and increased calcium need in children, during pregnancy, lactation, and post-menopause.

(2) Bones and joints disorders like weak bones (osteopenia), increased hollowness of bones (osteoporosis), osteoarthrosis, fracture.

(3) Dental disorders – dental caries.

(4) Nerve and muscle weakness.


ADULTS: Initial dose: 1 tablet twice / thrice a day for 1-3 months.
Maintenance dose: 1 tablet once a day.

CHILDREN (6-9 yrs): 1/2-1 tablet twice a day. To be swallowed with water, just after / within meals. For children, crush and administer with honey, water, milk,fruit juice.


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