Asthma, Breathlessness, Cough, Difficulty in breathing, Shortness of breath.


ASTHEX Tablet is a scientific combination of ayurvedic drugs that bring about their useful action in breathing troubles in two ways –

  • Dilate the constricted air-passages (bronchi / bronchioles)
  • Help in bringing out the sticky, tough sputum stuck in the air passages.




Arka is expectorant (kapha-nissaraka), bronchodilator (shvasa-hara), anti-allergic (vishaghna), and anti-inflammatory (shothaghna). It is used for the management of bronchial asthma (tamaka-shvasa) and bronchitis (kasa): In an experimental study, it was found to have bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory actions.


Antamul is bronchodilator (shvasa-hara) and useful in bronchial asthma (shvasa-roga). The anti-allergic effect of Tylophora indica was compound with that of disodium cromoglycolate on perfused rat lung in sensitized rats by observing the changes in the volume of the perfusate per minute. Administration of aqueous extract of Tylophora indica and disodium chromoglycolate during perfusion of sensitized rat lung significantly increased the rate of flow. The action of Tylophora indica may be due to direct bronchodilator property and membrane stabilising and immune-suppressive effects.


Forskolin – the diterpene derivative in Gandira (Coleus forskohlii), produced a concentration-dependent inhibition of histamine release from pulmonary mast cells exposed to IgE, at the same time as intracellular levels of cAMP were increasing. It appears to modulate the release of mediators of immediate hypersensitivity reactions via the activation of adenylate cyclase in human basophils and mast cells. In addition, forskolin relaxes airway smooth muscle and inhibits mediator release in vitro and elicits bronchodilation in vivo. Bronchospasm induced by inhaled antigen in sensitized guinea pigs was prevented in a dose-related fashion by the intravenous or intratracheal administration of forskolin. In vitro forskolin inhibited contractions of lung parenchyma provoked by histamine, LTC4 or antigen. Forskolin also inhibited the immunologically stimulated release of LTD4 and histamine from sensitized guinea pig lungs. Further, Gandira has been seen to have expectorant (kapha-hara) action and is thus used for the management of bronchial asthma (tamaka-shvasa).


Dugdhika is expectorant (kapha-hara), bronchodilator (shvasa-hara), and anti-allergic (vishaghna). It is used for the management of bronchial asthma (tamaka-shvasa) and chronic bronchitis (jeerna-kasa). Various workers have reported it to be beneficial in the treatment of bronchial asthma, on the basis of their clinical and experimental studies conducted on the mixture of two plants, i.e., E. thymifolia and E. prostrata. The study revealed that the drug causes relaxation of smooth muscles by virtue of which the spasm of bronchial muscles during an acute attack of bronchial asthma is relieved and thus exhibits its beneficial effect.

ASTHEX Tablet if taken on an empty stomach, may result in gastric irritation and the resultant nausea and vomiting.

Avoid during pregnancy, children below 6 years, and hypersensitivity / allergy to any of the ingredients.

In case of asthma due to allergy, simultaneous use of LERGEX Tablet gives better and faster improvement.

Additional information

Weight 60 g

On the basis of its ingredients, ASTHEX Tablet is used in patients who have –

(1) Difficulty in breathing (asthma) due to constriction of the air-passages (Bronchial asthma). The difficulty in breathing (asthma) could be due to some sort of allergy (allergic bronchial asthma) or even without allergy, as happens in middle / old age, especially among people who keep suffering from long-standing cough for many years (chronic bronchial asthma).

(2) It is useful in patients suffering from longstanding cough, too (chronic bronchitis).


If the problem of asthma is severe, start with 2 tablets of ASTHEX every 6 – 8 hours. As the breathlessness lessens, lowers down, reduce the dose gradually, to the minimal dose required and maintain that dose once or twice a day. If the problem is moderate or mild, start with a lower dose of 2 tablets twice a day or 1 tablet thrice a day, and on improvement, lower down the dose to the minimal dose required.

In children (6-9 yrs) start with a lower dose (1/2 – 1) tablet twice / thrice a day and with improvement lower down the dose to the minimal level required. To be swallowed with water, just after/within meals. For children, crush and administer with honey, water, milk, fruit juice.


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