Anxiety, Depression, Sleep disorders, Behavioural disorders, IBS, Aggressive behaviour, Mental stress, Insomnia, Learning problems, Attention fluctuations.


MENTOCALM Tablet is a rational combination of ayurveda drugs that promote mental health in several ways. These drugs –

  • Calm down the agitated mind and lower the mental stress of the patient.
  • Lessen mental depression.
  • Relax smooth muscles (especially of the intestine).
  • Improve memory.



Tagar is nootropic (medhya, mastishka-shamaka), anticonvulsant (akshepa-hara), anti-spasmodic (akshepa-hara), analgesic (vedena-sthapana). It is used for the management of various neurological and psychiatric disorders like anxiety neurosis (chinta, manodvega), convulsive disorders (apasmara), spasmodic pain (udara-shula) etc. Valeriana wallichii (Valerianaceae) is an indigenous medicinal and aromatic plant of Himalayan region and that is widely exploited for its roots and rhizomes which contain valepotriates and valerinic acids (with putative pharmacological activities). It is used as ethno-medicine for the treatment of habitual constipation, insomnia, epilepsy, neurosis, anxiety, diuretic, hepatoprotective, analgesic and cytotoxic, antispasmodic, anticonvulsant, nematicidal, anti-inflammatory, etc. Several phytoconstituents have been isolated from different parts of the plant belonging to the category volatile oils, iridoids, alkaloids and flavonoids. In another study, it demonstrated antidepressant effect.


Brahmi enhances cognitive performance (medhya), reduces anxiety and depression, and improves memory (smriti-prada). Bacopa monnieri, a traditional Ayurvedic medicine, used for centuries as a memory enhancing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, sedative and antiepileptic agent. The plant, plant extract and isolated bacosides (the major active principles) have been extensively investigated in several laboratories for their neuro-pharmacological effects and a number of reports are available confirming their nootropic action. In addition, researchers have evaluated the anti-inflammatory, cardiotonic and other pharmacological effects of BM preparations/extracts.

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MENTOCALM Tablet is a first line remedy for the management of anxiety neurosis. Whereas, ELEVA Tablet is a first line remedy for the management of depression. However, if a patient has associated depression too that MENTOCALM is unable to control on its own, ELEVA Tablet should also be added to it. Similarly, if a patient of depression is having anxiety that ELEVA Tablet alone is unable to control, the MENTOCALM Tablet should be added.

Additional information

Weight 60 g

On the basis of the actions of its ingredients, MENTOCALM Tablet is used as an adjuvant (along with other medicines) in the management of –

(1) Anxiety – The major action of Tagar and Brahmi is to significantly lower the mental stress level and improve mental health of the patients who feel lots of mental stress, keep worrying over small matters, feel mentally exhausted / drained.

(2) Depression – Though the major drugs for managing mental depression are Jyotishmati, Akarkara, Vacha, and Gandira (ELEVA Tablet), yet, the combination of Tagar and Brahmi (MENTOCALM Tablet) does help to fight mental depression to some extent. This combination (MENTOCALM) should be used in support of the ELEVA Tablet while managing mental depression.

(3) Sleep disorders – MENTOCALM Tablet helps a lot to induce natural sleep in patients suffering from disturbed sleep or sleeplessness; Being non-habit forming, this combination assumes special significance in the management of sleep disorders.

(4) Memory disorders – Patients suffering from lack of concentration, learning problems, and attention fluctuations benefit a lot from MENTOCALM Tablet.

(5) Behavioral problems: Patients suffering from problems in their behavior, for example aggressive behavior, hyperkinetic disorders, asocial behavior etc. benefit from MENTOCALM Tablet.

(6) IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) – A large number of patients suffering from IBS have underlying anxiety that is significantly controlled by MENTOCALM; In addition, this combination helps a lot in relieving the spasm of the intestines.

(7) Mixed disorders – MENTOCALM benefits in varying to patients suffering from speech disorders and bed-wetting. In addition, it could be used empirically (as supportive therapy) in the management of epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia, Parkinson's disease, mental retardation, and alcohol addiction.


ADULTS: Initial dose: 1-2 tablets twice / thrice a day, or at bed time. Maintenance dose: 1 tablet once / twice a day, or at bed time.

Children (6-9 yrs): 1/2 – 1 tablet twice / thrice a day. To be swallowed with water, just after / within meals. For children, crush and administer with honey, water, milk, fruit juice.


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