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INFEXIE Tablet is a rational combination of ayurvedic drugs used for the management of bacterial infection. These drugs –

  • fight the bacteria by interfering in their growth and multiplication (by interfering in their cell wall synthesis, protein synthesis, and nucleic acid synthesis).
  • Reinforce the immune system.




Gandhak is anti-infective (krimi-nashaka, shodhaka) and immunomodulator (rasayana). It is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and keratolytic. It has been used for the management of dandruff, pityriasis versicolor, scabies, and warts.


Ativisha is anti-infective (jvara-apaha, krimi-hara) and anti-toxic (ama-vishahara, visha-vinashini). Several alkaloids present in its root like, 6- dehydroacetylsepaconitine, 13- hydroxylappaconitine, lycoctonine, delphatine and lappaconitine exhibit significant antibacterial activity.


Yashad is cooling (sheetal) and anti-infective (jvara-hara). It promotes resolution of inflammation (abhyantara-shothahara) and reinforces immunity (rasa-pinda-vikriti-hara).


Chirayata is anti-infective (sannipata-jvarahara, krimi-pranut, asra-nut). It promotes resolution of inflammation (shotha-pranut) and wound healing (vrana-pranut). It shows significant antimicrobial activities against Gram-positive, Gram-negative and fungi. In another study, it showed significant activity against bacteria and fungi. The activity may be indicative of the presence of broad spectrum antibiotic compounds. Antimicrobial agents can damage pathogens in several ways. The major modes of actions are interference with cell wall synthesis, inhibition of protein synthesis, interference with nucleic acid synthesis, and inhibition of a metabolic pathway.

Taken on an empty stomach, INFEXIE Tablet may result in gastric irritation and the resultant nausea, vomiting, etc.

Avoid during pregnancy

Additional information

Weight 90 g

On the basis of its ingredients, INFEXIE Tablet is used as an adjuvant (along with other medicines) in the management of various types of bacterial infection, including –

(1) Chest infection – Cough (bronchitis).

(2) Urinary infection – Infection in the urinary tract (UTI).

(3) Skin infection – Pimples (acne), boils (furunculosis), dermatitis.

(4) Infection in the ear, nose, and throat – Infection in the tonsils, sinuses, throat, voice box, middle ear.

(5) Dental infection – gum infection.

(6) Infection in the anal region – Infected piles.

(7) Infection in the reproductive organs in women – Infection in the uterus, tubes, birth canal.


ADULTS: Initial dose: 2 tablets thrice a day x 7-10 days. Maintenance dose: 1 tablet twice / thrice a day.

Children (6-9 yrs): 1/2-1 tablet thrice a day.
To be swallowed with water, just after / within meals.
In children, crush and administer with honey, water, milk, fruit juice.


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