Dear Doctors!

I would like to share with you my own experience about the result of Tab Asthex.

Five days ago, on the morning of Monday Dec 12, I suddenly developed cold probably due to exposure to cold weather.

In the next 3-4 hours, I started feeling some other symptoms too. These included sneezing, dry cough, headache (especially in the temporal regions), feeling of pain and cold in the chest, and dyspnoea.

The symptoms were mild initially, however, in a matter of few hours, the intensity of the symptoms increased manifold.

For initial 3 hours, I didn’t take any medication. 

However, thereafter as the cough and dyspnoea worsened, I started the following treatment –

Asthex tablet
2 tabs after every two hours to a maximum of 12 tablets that day. 

Sitopaladi churna
1 tsf, 2 hourly, until late night.

As I woke up next morning, I felt quite fine. 

Dyspnoea was much relieved, and the cough became productive with the expectoration of white frothy sputum. The cold sensation in my chest and the chest pain had disappeared altogether.

Next day (Tuesday, Dec 13), I took three doses of the same two medicines, until night.

I woke up next morning (Wednesday, Dec 14) fresh, energetic, and active. All my problems – sneezing, dry cough, temporal headache, feeling of pain and cold in the chest, and dyspnoea, were no more there. 

9 doses of the Asthex tablet and the Sitopaladi churna taken in two days, had cured my disease completely. 

I was absolutely fit and fine.

I thank Dr. Vasishth for making Asthex tablet – a wonderful combination of effective ayurvedic anti-asthmatic drugs (अन्तमूल + दुग्धिका + अर्क + गण्डीर) for the management of the chest problems especially the asthma and cough.

Dr. Vishal Arora
Ayurved Physician,
“Arogyavedam Ayurved Clinic”
Pathankot (Punjab)
M. 9888707660

Dr. Sunil Vasishth
M. + 91-9419205439
Email : drvasishthsunil@gmail.com 

Website : www.drvasishths.com

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