Ayurveda – the time-tested life science from India, has the inherent potential to offer excellent healthcare to the society. 

Yet, because of the lapses that took place over the outgoing many centuries, it lost its role of the main stream medicine and has been relegated to a second position even in the land of its origin.

Happily, realizing the importance of this holistic system of healthcare delivery, people across the world seem to rely more and more on it, for the treatment of their health problems.

But, before accepting the said upgraded role, every ayurveda doctor would need to update their clinical knowledge and skill.

That’s no easy a job, though.

To bring ayurveda back to its place of mainstream medicine, Dr.Vasishth’s AyuRemedies has come up with a unique scheme to promote ayurveda – the AYURVEDA PROMOTION SCHEME (APS).

Aims & Objectives:

The AYURVEDA PROMOTION SCHEME (APS) has the following major aims and objectives –

1. To promote ayurveda for offering quality health care to the present-day society.

2. To update the knowledge of clinical ayurveda as per the present-day needs of the ayurveda doctors across India, at their place of work.

3. To make best use of the talent and energy of the young ayurveda doctors in this regard, and also open up new avenues for enhancing their career.

Modus operandi:

The Ayurveda Promotion Scheme (APS) shall be implemented as below –

1. Applications on the plain paper along with the updated CV and 3 latest passport size photographs, shall be invited from the young ayurveda doctors interested to join the Ayurveda Promotion Scheme (APS) as Ayurveda Promotion Officer (APO).

2. After  scrunitinizing the applications, eligible young ayurveda doctors shall be imparted intensive preliminary training for 3 days, for updating their knowledge of clinical ayurveda practice. The training shall be given in some selected major towns, in all the five zones of India – North, South, East, West, Central. The training shall be free of cost, but the aspirants will manage all the expenses for their travelling, boarding, and lodging, themselves. 

3. At the end of the training, the aspirants shall be required to qualify a test, to be held on the basis of the training imparted during the 3 days.

4. The successful aspirants shall be declared eligible to become – AYURVEDA PROMOTION OFFICER (APO).

5. The APOs will then return to their respective places and start their work given below.

Duties of the Ayurveda Promotion Officer (APO)

1. The APOs will contact the ayurveda doctors in their respective areas, as well as, anywhere in India, willing to update their knowledge of the updated clinical ayurveda, useful for addressing the present day healthcare needs.

2. The APOs will hold meetings as per the convenience of the interested ayurveda doctors and update their knowledge and skills of ayurveda, on the lines of the knowledge they received during the preliminary training.

3. The APO will facilitate in the process of adoption of ayurveda by the interested doctors, including the smooth availability of Dr.Vasishth’s medicines, for which they shall be given appropriate incentives by the Company.

4. The APOs shall be given refresher course of 1 day training after every 3 months, that they will share with the doctors they will be dealing with.

Terms & Conditions:

1. The young ayurveda doctors having BAMS / MD (Ayurveda) / MS (Ayurveda) degrees, only shall be eligible for becoming an APO.

2. The APOs shall have to stay active in all their duties for getting the incentives. Inactive APOs shall be debarred from any incentives from the Company. 

3. The APO shall not be an employee of the Company. The Company shall give them the incentives for the sale they bring to the Company. They could continue with their regular job or private practice.

4. The nature and quantity of the incentives shall be decided by the Company, only. The same may change from time to time as per the Company policies.

5. The APOs found guilty of violating the set rules and regulations, or getting involved in illegal or unfair activities shall cease to exist as the APO, with the immediate effect.

6. Conditions apply on everything stated above.

How to apply:

The young ayurveda doctors interested to become an Ayurveda Promotion Officer (APO) should send their application on the plain paper along with the latest CV and 3 passport sized photographs to the following address – 

Managing Director,
Dr.Vasishth’s AyuRemedies,
A-16, Doctor House, Paldi, 
AHMEDABAD – 380007, Gujarat
Dr. Sunil Vasishth
M. + 91-9419205439
Email : drvasishthsunil@gmail.com
Website : www.drvasishths.com



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