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Yet, my deep faith in ayurveda and my gut feeling gave me ample confidence to go ahead with the ayurveda treatment.

‘Okay, I will do as you wish,’ I said looking deep into his eyes and displaying the unflinching faith I had in ayurveda.

I then wrote the following prescription –

1. Tab Infex –  2 tabs, 3 hrly
2. Amrutadi guggulu – 2 tabs 6 hrly
3. Sy. Cardorium Plus – 10 ml bd
4. Ampachan vati – 3 tabs tid

I then asked the patient to report me after 4 days.

After 4 days:

As the patient came after 4 days, there were obvious signs of more than 30 per cent improvement in his condition.

The swelling and bright redness seemed to have significantly reduced. The affected area was relatively less tender. And above all, the patient reported a remarkable reduction in pain and burning sensation. 

To my satisfaction, the patient could walk now with relative ease.

That was amazing! 

30 percent gross improvement in his condition, in 4 days was highly encouraging.

I now modified the treatment as below – 

1. Tab Infex – 2 tabs tid
2. Tab Loswel – 2 tabs tid
3. Cardorium plus 10 ml bd

After 1 week the improvement was remarkable.  70 per cent of the problem seemed to have cured.

The treatment was continued for another 20 days and that cured the disease fully.

End result: Cured
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